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For my first post, I thought I would share one of my favorite projects, the first project I did after buying my house.

I did it with both my daughters, and it was a really fun project to do together!

My older daughter loves art and she wanted an accent wall in her new room. She picked out the colors, the design, and I just taught her how to do it.

Follow along as I show you all the steps we went through!

But first, the end result:

Step 1 – Paint the color of the “lines”

Originally, the walls were greenish color. So I painted over with white. I only did one layer since most of it was going to be covered over by the other colors.

Step 2 – Create the pattern with painter’s tape.

My older daughter laid out the pattern. She only wanted triangle shapes. She made sure she had a good mix of large and small triangles.

One of the key thing I had to do to properly prepare the wall was to go over each and every one of these pieces of tape with my finger nail and make sure that there was no gap between the wall and the tape. My walls are textured so it took a while to finish that step!

Step 3 – Paint!

That’s the fun part. My daughter had picked out the colors. She would just direct her sister and I to where she wanted each color.

I bought samples are Lowe’s and that was just enough. But we had to do a second layer. For some reason, the paint wouldn’t really cover well.

Step 4 – Remove the tape and wait for the reveal!

Finally, after letting it dry overnight, we removed the tape and it looked awesome! We were so happy by the result! It was super satisfying!

Step 5 – Patch up where needed

The whole time we were painting, I was a little anxious that the paint would bleed out under the tape. It did in some place unfortunately. So afterward, I took a small paintbrush and covered the bleeding with white paint.

And voila!

It wasn’t a lot of work, but it did take several days because I needed to wait for the paint to dry before doing anything with the tape (put it on or take it off).

And it was a lot of fun and my daughter is super proud of her accent wall!

Thanks for reading!

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