Platform Bed with Bookshelves

This was a huge and difficult project! But so rewarding!

I couldn’t find anything like this online anywhere. And I searched and searched! I searched all over Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube. But there was some specific elements to what I needed and it didn’t look like anyone had done it before.

In the end I took inspiration from multiple places, and I had to make my own design.

What I wanted included was:

  • Queen bed: my daughters have been sharing a bed since the youngest was one and wouldn’t sleep on her own. The bed we had in the previous house was to big for that room. It had to be a queen bed.
  • Bookshelves: My youngest has so many animal stuffies, she barely has room on her bed. I had to find a solution to incorporate them in the room but keep them off the bed. They also needed a place for their alarm clock and books.
  • Drawers: The closet is very small and there is not enough room for storage. I thought drawers could come in handy to store her clothes that can’t be hung.

It took about a month and hundred of hours. I made some major mistakes, which I will explain as I describe how I built this. Here are the steps I followed. I will create multiple posts to go over everything.

  1. Build the bookshelves’ frames.
  2. Build the frame for the drawers.
  3. Build the bed frame.
  4. Finish the bookshelves.
  5. Finish the details such as the platform, the headboard, the bookshelves’s face frames.
  6. Primer and paint.
  7. Build the drawers and install them.

Each step was a challenge on its own. My least favorite part though? Painting!

But at least, once painting was done, the room was pretty much ready to enjoy. We added the mattress and the stuffed animals and my girls love the end result!

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